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At Monticello Community Surgery Center, we are a group of physicians and surgeons, including myself, who have made a commitment to remain independent. We are pursuing a new, better way to provide care that involves transparent prices and accessible providers. We’re tired of insurance companies telling patients how expensive care has to be - when really, prices don’t have to be that high. Great care shouldn’t drive people into bankruptcy - and at our center, it doesn’t.

Here, when you visit for care, you have the option for an honest cash price. You’re going to know exactly how much your treatment is going to be. You’ll know the total for the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesiologist fee. All follow-up care within 90 days is included in the initial price, so there are no surprise bills after your treatment.

Our Model

Transparent Pricing
Use this tool to easily look up the price of any surgery at our practice.

NOTE: Prices posted in the pricing tool only apply to direct cash payments or non-insurance based payments.

Our transparent, affordable pricing model is new to many people who never see the true price of the care they get when they enter a hospital system with an insurance partner.

While we provide care to patients with traditional insurance, we offer an alternative that's especially beneficial for a few different types of people: those who work for self-insured companies, people with high-deductible plans, people in health sharing groups, and those who pay for their care out-of-pocket. Above all, we attract patients who are looking for genuine, caring doctors who are rapidly accessible and convenient.

Our Benefits

In short, we are more accessible, transparent, convenient, and affordable than other health systems. We also boast some of Virginia’s top doctors, who have high levels of American medical education and training and provide world-class care.

Beyond the talent and skill in our group of physicians and surgeons, our patients at Monticello get more personalized attention than they would at a larger institution. We also deliver care with genuine kindness and are very easy to contact, set up a consultation with, and follow-up with after your visit. On top of that, surgeons like Dr. Grant have adopted the latest teleconferencing software so he can meet with new patients all across Virginia and the entire country.

We’re also not owned by a hospital system or other entity, allowing us to practice with a new degree of freedom. We don’t have the pressure of seeing a given amount of patients each day or rushing care and ordering unnecessary tests - allowing us to quickly move toward getting patients the care we know they need. We take a conservative approach to medicine but can accelerate care and perform surgeries more efficiently than traditional hospital systems.

We have a loyal group of families who have stuck with our care for decades. Though our new center has only been open for two years, we have plenty of patients who have been coming to us as individual providers for the past 15+ years who trust us with continuity of their care. We know their medical histories and can provide better, more personalized care because of those relationships.

Our Staff

On top of it all, our staff is incredible. We’ve carefully selected a team of inspiring, committed, and kind people who welcome patients to the office and make everyone feel like friends. The culture we aspire to is what draws people back over and over again for our care and why they feel comfortable recommending us to their friends and family.


Gary Michael ("GM") Pugh, PA-C, ATC

GM is Dr. Grant’s right-hand man at Albemarle Orthopaedics. With any procedure, treatment, or new-patient consultation, GM will likely be there to help diagnose, treat, and communicate with patients. Patients appreciate his friendly personality, constant communication, and wealth of knowledge about sports medicine and orthopedics. GM has his master’s in athletic training from the University of Florida and went to PA school at James Madison University. He’s been working with Dr. Grant since 2010, and they’ve developed a great system for addressing patient concerns and working as a team to develop even better, more individualized plans for every patient.

GM also serves as the head of clinical staff to Dr. Grant and Head Surgical Assistant in the operating room. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their children, staying active, and taking in all the natural beauty Virginia has to offer.