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Gary Michael ("GM") Pugh, PA-C, ATC

Physician Assistant

About GM

Gary Michael (“GM”) Pugh, PA-C, ATC, wears multiple hats at Albemarle Orthopaedics. Whether you’re coming in for a procedure, consultation, or routine check-up, GM will likely be there behind the front desk, in the meeting room, and in the operating room. He is a board-certified physician assistant, certified and licensed athletic trainer, and former certified strength and conditioning specialist. Now, he serves as the Head of Clinical Staff to Dr. Grant, the Head Surgical Assistant in the operating room, and a limited x-ray technician.

GM has been working with Dr. Grant and the loyal patients at Albemarle Orthopaedics since 2010. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and American Academy of Physician Assistants and continually works to maintain the latest knowledge in the field of orthopedics and fitness training.

GM has always been an athlete. Since he can remember, he’s been involved in sports, fitness, and wellness. This led him to pursue both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in athletic training from the University of Florida before PA school at James Madison University. Now, GM’s training as a certified athletic trainer as well as a strength and conditioning specialist complements his role as Physician Assistant at Albemarle Orthopaedics, providing exceptional care for his loyal patients from consultation and diagnosis through rehabilitation.

While GM has always loved working with athletic minds, he pursued PA schooling in order to be able to take more ownership of the entire patient experience. As PA, he loves getting to know his patients on a personal level, helping maintain their wellness over the course of many years. For GM, it’s about treating more than just a sprained ankle, but a whole person. He loves educating patients on what they should expect for their unique, individual body, not only treating their injury but guiding them through rehab and prevention. “I’m treating a person, not just a chart number,” he says.

GM especially loves helping patients return to their passions and work—whether it be a professional athlete’s sport, a weekend warrior’s hobby, or a manual labor worker’s job. Through his well-rounded training, he can speak to every step of the recovery process, from physical therapy through rehab.

I’m treating a person, not just a chart number.

Personal Interests

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, GM has lived in Charlottesville since 2003. He and his wife, the head athletic trainer of the University of Virginia football team, have a daughter and a son. In his free time, GM enjoys spending time outdoors, grilling/BBQ, and working on his family’s home. He loves the tight-knit community in Charlottesville. Every year, the family hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for those in the athletic training community who aren’t able to make it home.


Education and Experience

  • 2001

    University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL


  • 2003

    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

    Exercise and Sports Science

  • 2005
    Head Athletic Trainer

    Albemarle High School

  • 2007

    James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

    Physician Assistant Program

Certifications and Memberships

Certified Physician Assistant
May 2013 - present

Certified Athletic Trainer
June 2001 - present

Limited Radiology Technician, Extremities
Mar 2017 - present

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
June 2001 – Dec 2008

American Academy of Physician Assistants
May 2013 - present

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What People Are saying About GM

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    I've never had a more pleasurable and efficient medical office visit. Everyone from the receptionist to nurse to PA to the doctor himself was exceptional.

    Carolyn B.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    GM, the PA, was superb and explained everything to me. Anytime I had to wait (e.g. for X-ray results), GM told me kept me informed.

    Marlit H.

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