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Meniscal Cartilage Tears Treatment
Dr. William Grant, MD - Albemarle Orthopaedics - Charlottesville, NC

Sudden meniscal tears to the knee can be a result of injury during sports or other physical activity - sometimes patients can even hear them “pop” when they’re torn. Anyone can tear the meniscus while twisting, cutting, pivoting, or being tackled, but they can also happen as a result of aging. Menisci weaken with age, and even a relatively simple movement like getting up out of a chair can tear the cartilage and require surgical care. After the tear occurs, athletes often keep playing, and older folks sometimes don’t notice immediately, until the knee becomes more stiff and swollen. Dr. Grant can diagnose knee problems with his exam, X-rays, and MRI. From there, he’s expertly trained at arthroscopically treating meniscal tears, but he can also advise patients on first trying more conservative treatments.

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