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Staying at the Forefront of Personalized, Convenient Care

Dr. Grant is committed to being at the forefront of personalized, convenient care. For that reason, he's adopted the latest telemedicine conferencing software so he can connect with patients, do checkups, and help diagnose issues at the touch of a button. This is easily accomplished through the use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer. For patients, that means fewer hours driving, fewer babysitters, and more convenient, immediate answers to concerns and questions.

Beyond consultations with new patients and follow-up checks with patients, Dr. Grant can also advise patients with their ongoing care when they’re at other offices - like that of a physical therapist. While a patient is at PT near where they live, Dr. Grant can conference with them to provide team-based care, work directly with the physical therapist, and ensure continuity of care.

Working in tandem with physical therapists across Virginia and the entire nation ensures patients get the most convenientcare with the fewest visits possible. Physical therapists appreciate Dr. Grant's direct interaction with them.

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